My first EDC experience!

Welcome back to my blog!

It's been a while and if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by! A lot has been going on in my life since my last hurricane post, wow that was forever ago. The last 4 months have been life changing and in that process I've continued to be spontaneous, this is the one trait that will never leave my life, no matter how rough it is. But surprisingly, my best friend Amanda was the spontaneous one this time and suggested we went to EDC like a week before the event... (thanks boo!)

It was decided and we were off to EDC for our very first time! My friend and I had been to Ultra Music Festival multiple times, the EDM scene is something we've been into since highschool. I had always wanted to go but for one reason or another it never worked out. It was little mind boggling that I was finally going to EDC... being in that scene is just so nostalgic, it brings back so many beautiful memories.

If you've ever been to EDC or Ultra Music Festival, you know exactly what I mean. There is NOTHING like it, these type of experiences are out of this world. The people are SO KIND, I had some guy randomly tell me I was so pretty, hugged me then walked away.... it was soooo sweet. Everyone is so friendly and giving. You can bump into strangers and they will just look at you and smile, everything is all good!


Expectations? basically, to have the time of your life. The venue is HUUUUGEEEE, you will never feel crammed. There was so much space at main stage its ridiculous. There are so many different stages, and even carnival rides! yes you heard that right, it's like a music festival that has merged with a small fair.

AESTHETICALLY pleasing, the festival has so many photo opps it's insane. They have installations through out the venue, lights in the trees, colorful neon signs, art, sculptures, they have it all. It's just so beautiful all around, not to mention the main stage IS INSANEEEEE!!! The production at this event is mesmerizing. The venue was so big that we almost missed an ENTIRE SECTION IN THE BACK that was just as big as main stage O.O

SUGGESTIONS: Try to arrive early for one of the days you're there so you can walk around and see everything, and enjoy the rides with smaller lines. We messed up in coming in later because the lines for the rides were huge. Come early, take photos of main stage during the day and all the rides, then enjoy the rest of the day listening to music, get the photos out of the way.


You can bring a small fanny pack or back pack. They were not strict at all with what size bags you can bring in. I saw a lot of camel packs which are sooo convenient. I even saw some blow up chairs, GENIUS! I definitely want to bring one of those next time. Don't forget to bring a water bottle! They actually had water stations to fill them up for free which is great.


I love when festivals sell individual tickets! Sometimes we just don't want to party 3 days in a row -.-

Each day was around $140 (TOTALLY WORTH IT)

Enjoy my photos :)

oh yeah.... my friends and I dressed up as the Powerpuff girls, it's the best time to dress up and have fun with neon colors.

Look crazy who cares? lol