Why I haven't taken blogging seriously

Welcome, this is my second blog post of the year... reading that back to myself just got me a little sad. I don't know what happened but I don't feel as motivated to blog anymore, I almost feel defeated. (I promise it's not all sad stuff in this post, lol.)

I used to create so much content when I first started and I was so inspired, I did not care about my follower count or who did not read my posts. I simply wrote them because they made me so happy. But then I noticed that if you didn't have the pretty Instagram photos and the cool outfits, your photos and views weren't as successful. Blogging has become all about your image, women dolling them selves up and taking a photo to get validation. Of course this isn't true about everyone, but I'm sure you can find countless stories online on how bloggers feel pressured to produce content even when they are not feeling themselves.

Women SHOULD get dolled up, and feel good about themselves, I am all for women empowerment. But I am not for this, if it means you feel pressured to do something, or if its messing with your mental health. I look up to so many women online that are killing it! that are so passionate about what they are doing, they dedicate the time to create content. Take the time to make their feeds look cohesive, and I love that! As much as everyone says "dont compare yourself to others", you will always do so, are you kidding me? You see a successful blogger, and you feel inspired by them and want to accomplish goals as well.

What I am getting at is this, don't do something that doesn't feel genuine, don't feel pressured to do things because others are doing it. GO BACK TO BEING YOUR TRUE PURE SELF, go back to doing things that you loved and where you did not measure your success. You just did these things because they made you happy. If you're a blogger, then post only when you feel genuine, talk to your audience with your truthful words, don't try to be someone you are not.

I want to go back to creating content that served a purpose, and I will work on it. I hope who ever is reading this will go back to doing those simple pleasures that brought such great happiness. It's not too late to start again, don't be fooled by deadlines that you create in your head.


If you took the time to get to the bottom of this post, please let me know your thoughts through here or on Instagram.

This photo is me being me, not a perfect Instagram model, no makeup... just me. I don't want to be anyone else.

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